Ways to Save

Ways to Save

As the cost of energy goes up, more and more people are looking for ways to control their energy use.  The best way to do this is first to be aware of how much energy you use each month and how it is being used in your home or business.

The Department of Energy notes that in an average all-electric home, the electricity usage is as follows:

Space Heating and Cooling – 39.4%   

Water Heating – 12.5%

Lighting – 11.6%

Electronics – 8.1%

Refrigeration – 7.2%

Clothes washer, dryer, dishwasher – 6.2%

Cooking – 4.7%

Computers – 1%

Other – 9.3%

Learning About Energy

You can reduce your energy use in these areas and have a more energy-efficient home by taking simple low-cost, no-cost measures. For more information, call your local district office and one of our District Service Representatives will be glad to assist you. 

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