Rates, Terms & Bylaws

Rates, Terms & Bylaws

MEC Board of DirectorsAccepted for filing November, 10, 2009 by the State Corporation Commission, Division of Energy Regulation. 

The Bylaws of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative provide the fundamental principles and rules regarding the cooperative. The Bylaws address the operation of the organization, setting out the form and procedure in which the cooperative will be run.

The Rates and Terms and Conditions as adopted by the Board of Directors of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative are to establish fair and equitable standards that enable the Cooperative to provide safe, cost effective and reliable distribution service to all Members. Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative is a regulated utility in the Commonwealth of Virginia and its Rates and Terms and Conditions for providing electric distribution service are reviewed and approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.




“This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer”

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