Co-op Watch

Co-op Watch

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative has a Cooperative Watch program in the nine counties it serves in south central Virginia as well as the five counties served in northern North Carolina.  This program emphasizes safety and crime prevention for the benefit of the Cooperative membership and the public at large.

As the crime in rural areas increases and sheriff departments' budgets are underfunded, there is a real need to assist the local law enforcement officers with more eyes to report suspicious activities.  

Cooperative employees in vehicles with two-way radio communications are in your community on a regular basis Monday through Friday.  We are also on the lookout when we are called to work on weekends and holidays.  Cooperative employees have been trained to recognize criminal or suspicious activities.

With this specialized training and a heightened awareness of crime prevention, our employees can become active participants in making the community where you live a safer and healthier place.

Coop Watch Program

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