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You Can Be Eligible to Win $100 by Returning Your Proxy Card



At the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Members, four nominees from their respective districts are slated for your consideration to serve three-year terms on your Board of Directors.  Your Cooperative strongly encourages you to participate in these elections and the business of your electric service provider. In doing so, the Cooperative provides you two options for casting your important vote.  You can attend the meeting and vote in person, or you can fill out and return the proxy card provided in your April or May electric bill.  We encourage all members to fill out the proxy card and return it to the Cooperative. It takes literally no more than 60 seconds, and all cards that are completed in their entirety (on both sides), and according to the guidelines below, will be entered into a drawing. Two will be drawn to receive a $100 credit on the electric bill.


In order to be eligible for the drawings, you must fill out the card correctly, and in its entirety, including checking the boxes beside the names of the candidates you support.  There will be candidates from four districts. Please cast your vote for a candidate in each district.  You must sign your name on the back and fill in the date that you completed the card.  Your signature must be EXACTLY as your name is printed on your electric bill.


The election process for the Board of Directors is very important and conducted with great integrity; and for this reason, information on the proxy cards must be legitimate and accurate.


After completing the card as outlined above, return it to the Cooperative by June 14, 2017, and your name will be included in the two $100 drawings. Winners will receive a credit on their electric bill.  You do not have to be present at the Annual Meeting to win the proxy card drawing.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local district office.


*The winner of the first drawing will not be eligible in the second drawing.




This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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