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Vegetation Management

In order for Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) to continue its tradition of highly reliable service to its members, a system-wide Vegetation Management Program is essential.  Falling trees and limbs touching lines present a major challenge to the Cooperative’s reliability as they are the number one cause of outages. In 2011 over 89% of our total outage minutes were attributed to trees.


Even more important is the issue of safety.  When tree limbs contact live wires, they can become conductors of electricity, creating a dangerous situation for anyone who may come in contact with an energized tree.  It is critical that we keep our rights of way clear.


Our reliable, cost efficient right-of-way program places focus on the proper pruning of yard and ornamental trees, effective coordination in contract crew scheduling, aggressive hazard tree removal, and continuance with our herbicide program.

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative works hard to maintain its rights of way, and we fully understand that the appearance of your trees is important to you.  Our utility arborist, Ray DeJarnette, is happy to help with an evaluation of the trees near your power lines.  If you have a concern, call him at 434-372-6155.

For your safety, before you dig call Miss Utility at least three days in advance (not counting weekends and holidays) to have your underground utilities marked. Simply dial 8-1-1.


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