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Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative Holds 2014 Annual Membership Meeting
Over 600 Brave Intense Heat to Participate in Business Meeting, Elect Directors



CHASE CITY – In spite of a heat index of 106 degrees in Chase City on Wednesday afternoon, over 370 committed members of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) and their families attended the Annual Membership Meeting held at the Cooperative’s pavilion.  Following food and fellowship among the members, the Cooperative’s business meeting opened with Chairman of the Board David Jones calling the meeting to order and offering his opening comments saying, “I’m pleased to report that 2013 was yet another successful year for your cooperative. As you know, safety is, and always will be, our number one priority. Our safety record continues to improve as Mecklenburg was recently recognized as having worked over 500,000 man-hours without a lost time accident. Our safety program continues to get stronger and more effective.”

Even though the temperature soars in the upper 90s, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative
has over 600 people in attendance at its Annual Meeting of the Members.


He added, “Additionally, your cooperative remains financially sound and fiscally healthy. Even with little growth in kwh sales and revenue and unexpected expenses due to storm restoration, your cooperative returned over $700,000 in capital credits to you, the member-owners last November. Your cooperative’s aggressive capital credit policy has resulted in the return of over $33 million to its membership to date.”


Jones closed his remarks by saying, “The theme of this year’s meeting is, “A Relationship Built on Trust;” and your Board of Directors, Management Team and Employees here at MEC understand that it can take a lifetime to build trust, but that trust can be lost in a brief moment. After 76 years of service to its members, your cooperative’s primary goal remains the same as it was the first year in 1938, to provide reliable and affordable electricity to our members and to continue to build and maintain your trust in MEC.”


The meeting invocation was provided by MEC Director Donnie Moore, and the Presentation of Colors was executed by the Marine Corps League Lake Country Detachment #1085, who were impressively led into the pavilion by the Fifes and Drums of York Town, Va. The Fifes and Drums Corps, comprised entirely of youth between the ages of 10 and 18, played the National Anthem, performing in Regimental uniforms reminiscent of the 18th century musicians who served in the Continental Army in Yorktown, Va. Peyton Moore, a rising senior at Bluestone High School, led the audience in the singing of “God Bless America.”

The Fifes and Drums Corps of York Town provide an impressive performance as part of the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting of the Members of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative.


MEC Director Peggy Lee introduced the Cooperative’s Board of Directors, and Director Frank Myers introduced special guests in attendance, including Virginia Senator Frank Ruff, Tommy Wright of the Virginia House of Delegates, representatives from the offices of Delegate Roslyn Tyler and Congressman Robert Hurt, officials from Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) and the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives (VMDAEC), retired MEC employees and directors, Chase City and Charlotte County Rescue Squads, and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department.

Four directors of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative are re-elected at the Annual Meeting of the Members on June 18 for three-year terms. Pictured from left are Frank Myers of Gasburg, Donnie Moore of Chatham, Peggy Lee of Freeman and Mike McDowell of Vernon Hill.


Jack Reasor, president and CEO of Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC), the wholesale power supplier for Mecklenburg and ten other electric cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, made a presentation to those gathered.  In his remarks, he pointed out that ODEC derives power from four sources: renewable energy (wind turbines, hydro and landfill gas), natural gas, nuclear, and clean coal. He emphasized that “taking a balanced approach in meeting cooperative members’ energy needs, along with being environmentally responsible, are fundamental objectives of both Old Dominion and MEC.”   


In his comments, Reasor also explained ODEC’s relationship with Mecklenburg Electric, saying, “Where Mecklenburg is a distribution cooperative—they are responsible for the wires and poles and the meters and bringing the wires and electricity to your homes, and your businesses, and your churches and your schools—Old Dominion is a generation and transmission cooperative that generates electricity through its owned facilities, or purchases it through power supply contracts, from different sources, and delivers that power to MEC for distribution to all of you. So our most critical responsibility is to make certain the power is there to be delivered through the substations, wires and transformers, so capably built and maintained by your MEC team here, and flow into your homes and businesses when you need it. We, like MEC, also try to accomplish our responsibilities by striking an appropriate balance between the very lowest possible cost and being as environmentally sensitive as possible.”


He continued, “We are proud to be owned by Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative and our other ten electric cooperative members.  Representatives from each cooperative make up our board of directors, so Mr. Jones and Mr. Lee are both on our board of directors and give us good insight, assistance and strategic direction on how we can best be reliable, be as low cost as possible, and also be environmentally balanced. And this, to us, is a very important process.”


He concluded by explaining that ODEC is well underway in the process of building a combined cycle, natural gas facility in Cecil County, Md. He stated that most of the environmental and regulatory approvals had been secured, construction should begin this fall, and the facility is scheduled to be operational in the spring of 2017 providing 1,000 megawatts of power.


Following Reasor’s comments, the business session of the meeting began with Stan Duffer, secretary-treasurer of MEC, reporting on the financial status of the organization. He noted that the Cooperative has net electric plant of over $118 million, a figure that includes buildings, land, substations, equipment, vehicles, and over 4,400 miles of energized power lines, with the Cooperative’s total assets valued at $166.9 million at year end. He also called attention to an itemization of expenses for the year 2013 that indicated the largest expenditure (64 percent) was for “Purchased Power,” the cost of the electricity the Cooperative buys and distributes to its Members.


President and CEO John Lee moved to the podium next and gave the annual President’s Report based on the theme of the meeting, "You and Your Cooperative, a Relationship Built on Trust.” Lee emphasized the importance of the Members being able to place trust in their not-for-profit organization. His seven key points were:


  (1)  You trust us to keep you and your family safe around our electric distribution system, and
  ensure our employees are working safely.

  (2)   You trust us to anticipate, and successfully meet, your current and future electric needs.

  (3)  You trust us to find, secure and deliver reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible
  electricity for your use.

  (4)  You trust us to make a difference in, and support, your communities.

  (5)  You trust us to operate your cooperative prudently and return Capital Credits.

  (6)  You trust us to keep you well informed.

  (7)  You trust us to deliver all the above with the very best in customer service.


Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative President and CEO John C. Lee, Jr., delivers a message with the theme “You and Your Cooperative – A Relationship Built on Trust” to MEC members.  Over 370 members are in attendance with their families.


Lee stated, “We hold ourselves accountable to design, build, and maintain for you an electrical system that reliably provides power to your homes and businesses around the clock, year after year.  However, when subjected to Mother Nature’s fury, there is none better than your MEC team at repairing the system on which you rely to stay warm or cool, to prepare your family’s meals, and to power the tools and equipment needed to operate your businesses.”


Lee also recognized Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s employees, stating, “They are where your trust begins and ends, and it is built upon their credibility and commitment to you. I am honored, and I truly mean honored, to be a part of their team. Because of their talent and dedication, your organization is widely recognized in cooperative circles as a leader, and our employees are renowned as being among the best.


“And your team is a very competitive group that will settle for nothing less than first,” Lee added, stating, “For example, earlier this year, at the Gaff-n-Go Rodeo, line crews from nine states and utilities all over the east, gathered to compete in events showcasing their skills. Your cooperative’s three teams competed strongly, brought home a lot of trophy hardware, and represented MEC very capably and with great pride. In fact, the Chase City District team of Jason McKinney, Paul Underwood and Brad Clark won the acclaimed Jimmy Gardner Award recognizing the top scoring, and very best cooperative line crew, in the competition. Your employees are a proud and capable lot, but it is their character and integrity that fuels their sense of duty, and drives our desire to be the best.”


Lee continued by thanking the Board of Directors for their support and guidance. “They share our pride in this organization, and support our ambition to always do what is right by you,” he says. “Trust me when I tell you that they very capably represent you in conducting the business of your cooperative.”


In closing, the MEC President and CEO commented “Old Mr. Webster defines trust as “to firmly believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”……we sincerely hope that also defines how you feel about this cooperative. Thanks to all of you for your support, for your confidence in us, and for the opportunity to earn and maintain your trust. Safe travels home, thanks again for your attendance here today and as always please let me know if ever we are not meeting your expectations.”


Following his remarks, four directors of the Cooperative were re-elected for three-year terms: Peggy Lee of Freeman, Donnie Moore of Chatham, Mike McDowell of Vernon Hill, and Frank Myers of Gasburg.


The Cooperative would like to thank the following for their assistance at this year’s meeting: Chatham High School’s Robotics team, Boy Scout Troop 7400 from South Hill, Macy Mills, and Lauren Jones.

Chatham High School’s Robotics Team enjoys a meal at Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s
Annual Meeting of the Members before demonstrating the robot that they designed and built.


Boy Scouts from  Troop 7400 in South Hill receive instructions on how they can assist Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative members attending the Annual Meeting of the Members.

Pictured in front of the 30’ by 50’ American flag is Troop 7400 of the Boy Scouts of America
from South Hill, who assisted Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative during its Annual Meeting
of the Members.

Macy Mills, and Lauren Jones.



 CFL Charlie comes to Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting of the
Members to remind everyone they can save energy and money by replacing
incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.

 Children and grownups alike enjoy meeting LED Lucy at Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s
 Annual Meeting of the Members.


 Al Lassiter, district manager of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s Emporia District,
is on hand at the Annual Meeting of the Members to share energy-saving tips to
those in attendance.


Each year at Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting, members have an
opportunity to speak with directors and MEC staff.





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