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In an effort to enhance our member services, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) has added yet another payment option for our members. Convenient new kiosks are installed at each of our three district locations: Gretna, Chase City and Emporia.


These kiosks (pronounced KEEahsks) are small self-serve payment centers with a computer and screen allowing members to pay their bills. They will be easy to use and are similar to the ATM (automated teller machine) at your bank. With the use of the kiosk, you will have the capability to easily access your account and make payments anytime— day or night. One of the advantages of using this new machine is that all payments made through the kiosks will immediately reflect on the member’s account — no more waiting until the next day for your payment to post.


The kiosks are placed at the drive-thru windows in Chase City and Emporia. Members in our Gretna location will notice the construction of a small drive-up building to house the payment-processing kiosk. As always, we welcome you to come inside.





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