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MEC Sets, Meets High Bar For Member Satisfaction

After participating recently in a renowned national customer service survey, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s (MEC) scores surpassed an elite group of acclaimed consumer friendly corporations that included, among others, Nike, Outback Steakhouse, Dell, Hyatt, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Philip Morris. MEC posted an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score of 84, which compares to an average index score of 75 for the energy utility industry including both investor-owned electric and gas utilities. The score also places MEC well above the average electric cooperative score of 81 and above many other national customer service leaders across all industries.

The highly regarded American Customer Satisfaction Index provides a ranking score for each participant that is computed based upon the answers provided from each participant’s consumers, as polled and compiled by an objective third party, to four key survey elements, (1) overall satisfaction, (2) performance relative to expectations, (3) comparison to an ideal utility and (4) the likelihood of choosing the utility again. The ACSI score provides a uniform and independent measure of consumer experience with 225 of the leading corporations in America, representing 45 different industries including electric utilities from across the nation. The ACSI tracks trends in customer satisfaction and has proven to be a powerful economic indicator for companies, industry trade associations, and government agencies.

According to MEC President and CEO John Lee, “Our employees take tremendous pride in the service we offer to our members, and I would like to commend all of them for their commitment to customer service excellence. They are a very special group that really does care about those we serve. And customer service, next to safety, is our highest priority. For example, we continue to maintain three full service district offices and a strong physical presence in the communities we serve because it’s very important to our members. And if it’s important to our members, it is a priority for our cooperative.”

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most desirable rating, MEC received an 8.89 in overall satisfaction, 8.33 in exceeding expectations, 8.59 in comparison to an ideal utility, and 8.83 in being the utility of choice. These individual scores generated an overall 2010 ACSI ranking of 84. MEC scored an impressive 83 in 2008, and an 82 in 2006. As a point of reference, the national average for all participating companies, in all industries, was 75.7 in 2010, 75.25 in 2008 and 74.45 in 2006.

“We are very pleased with our ACSI score and, as indicated by our steady increase over the past three surveys, are not content to rest on our past laurels,” states Lee, adding, “We are always looking for ways to improve our customer service, and we especially appreciate it when our members provide us with feedback on how well we are--or are not--meeting their expectations. This input provides us with excellent opportunities to get even better at taking care of our members and bringing you value for your membership in MEC.

We would also like to thank our members for they confidence you place in us, and for their support which we are so privileged to have. Recognizing that it takes years to earn that kind of trust, but mere moments to lose it, we’ll continue to work hard and focus on making sure our members are pleased with the service they receive from their cooperative.”

Along with measuring MEC’s customer service quality, the survey also allowed us to learn more about our members’ opinions toward environmentalism, political activism, green power, energy efficiency, and affordability.

A list of the top participating companies by industry can be found at www.theacsi.org.


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