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MEC Members Will Reap Benefits from Construction

of Clean, Efficient Natural Gas Power Station in Md.


Members of ODEC’s Board of Directors, including Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) President and CEO John Lee (far right) are pictured “breaking ground” on the new Wildcat Point Power Station in Rock Springs, Md., on October 14, 2014. Once completed, the plant will utilize natural gas to produce 1,000 megawatts of electricity that will be used in the homes and businesses served by ODEC’s 11 cooperative owners including MEC. Wildcat Point is slated to become operational in 2017 and will provide enough electricity to power 390,000 homes annually.


RISING SUN, MD. - On Tuesday, October 14, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) President and CEO John C. Lee, Jr., and fellow members of the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) Board of Directors met in Rising Sun, Md., for a groundbreaking ceremony officially announcing the construction of a 1,000-megawatt electric generation plant.  Wildcat Point, a $675 million gas-fueled electric generation facility, is slated to become operational in 2017 and will provide enough electricity to serve 390,000 homes annually. 


The past ten years have brought a 26% growth in electric sales to ODEC’s members, and the construction and ownership of this generation plant will reduce ODEC’s dependence on wholesale power purchases and give ongoing protection from wildly fluctuating market prices. Lee comments, “Mitigating the cost of the power market is critical as demonstrated by the rocketing costs of this past winter’s polar vortex.  The long-term security this project brings to our MEC members is complemented by the purchasing strength of ODEC’s one million plus members.”

ODEC is a not-for-profit provider of wholesale power to Mecklenburg and ten other electric distribution cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. It owns multiple generation assets in the three-state area, including half interest in the Clover Power Station in Halifax County. ODEC’s generation portfolio is environmentally friendly and includes significant renewable energy sources. For more than 50 years, ODEC has utilized renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power (76 megawatts), landfill gas (8.9 megawatts), and wind energy (264 megawatts). Renewables comprised nearly 5 percent of ODEC’s member cooperatives’ 2013 usage. 


Lee, who served as a vice president at ODEC for 16 years, was heavily involved with the approval and permitting of ODEC’s coal-fired facility in Halifax County and three natural gas power stations in Louisa and Fauquier Counties in Virginia and Rock Springs, Md. He has served on the ODEC Board for the past six years and also chaired the ODEC Power Supply Committee when the Wildcat Point facility was proposed and approved. He comments, “This power station is yet another example of the power of cooperatives and cooperation. MEC members will reap the rewards of this power station for years to come; and by working with our sister cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, we are able to spread both risks and costs among the various owners of ODEC…therein lies the great value of our ownership in ODEC.


“This plant will utilize natural gas to produce the BTUs needed to generate electricity and take advantage of the very latest environmental control equipment and the most recent Mitsubishi generation technology that is highly efficient and cost effective. We have worked diligently, and cooperatively, during the approval, planning and negotiating phases of this project with the goal of providing additional power for our members through an environmentally clean facility that features proven high-efficiency technology. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that, on behalf of MEC’s Members who are our sole priority, that I take part in this groundbreaking ceremony. The ODEC staff will do an excellent job of building and operating the facility, and we appreciate their efforts to bring this project to this successful point. The Wildcat Point Power Station will bring long-term benefits to the members of MEC and will be a valuable addition to ODEC’s power supply portfolio and our efforts to meets the needs of MEC’s members while striking an appropriate balance between the environment and affordability,” Lee adds.


About MEC:

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative is the not-for-profit consumer-owned energy provider to over 31,000 homes, farms and businesses located in portions of the counties of Brunswick, Charlotte, Greensville, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Pittsylvania, Southampton, and Sussex.  It is headquartered in Chase City with district offices in Chase City, Emporia and Gretna.
MEC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


About ODEC:

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) is a generation-and-transmission cooperative (G&T) that provides wholesale power to Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative and ten other  member electric distribution cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. ODEC and its member systems are not-for-profit electric cooperatives that are owned by the members they serve. For more information, visit www.odec.com.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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