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Planned Outage for April 12 affecting Meadville and Chatham Roads




For those of you living in the Liberty area of Halifax County, you are well aware of the work to route 642, Meadville Road. VDOT’s extensive road changes also require that MEC relocate its electric lines.  On Saturday April 12, Mecklenburg Electric will take an outage to perform line work affecting a number of accounts along route 642 and 57. These Members will experience a brief outage beginning at 10:00 AM and several blinks between 10:00 and 10:30 AM. During this time we will feed the line from an alternate source to minimize your outage duration; once complete we will then begin work to move the electric line near the Banister River Bridge on route 642. This work will require approximately two and one half hours to complete.  Upon completion, we will return the line to its normal feed. Those Members impacted will again experience a brief outage and several blinks across a 30 minute period. Please note that if this work is completed early, then the second outage and blinks would occur early. Consequently, should our line work take longer than the anticipated two and one half hours, then the second outage and blinks will occur later. 


In the past, many have asked why schedule an outage on Saturday. The simple answer is to minimize the impact on our community. First a weekend outage eliminates any impact on Meadville Elementary School which has already experienced numerous closings and delays.   Secondly, our working an outage in the evening would interfere with meal time for every home impacted. We recognize an outage at any time is an inconvenience; however, we do consider its impact on our Members.


We apologize for every inconvenience you may experience during this outage but we do appreciate your patience and understanding as MEC does its part to assist in these roadway improvements. In closing, like us on Facebook and keep track of our progress on April 12.



David H. Lipscomb

VP of Member and Energy Services




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