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Energy Theft is DEADLY and ILLEGAL!


It is dangerous to tamper with an electric meter or other metering equipment. Would-be thieves have been hospitalized in burn units and even killed by a short circuit.  Tampering with  an electric meter can produce arcs with temperatures up to 35,000 degrees, four times hotter than the surface of the sun. Because of this danger, our service personnel wear multiple layers of safety protection including fire resistant clothing when working with an active meter.


Not only is energy theft and meter tampering life threatening, it’s also against the law! There are several sections of Virginia’s Code of Law that make energy theft both a civil and criminal violation with Section 18.2-163 leading to the prosecution of many cases as a felony. This section also states that the presence of any tampered metering device is evidence of violation of the law by the person receiving the unmetered electricity.  Section 56-5 provides for your Cooperative to seek three times the damages incurred from any person who willfully destroys its property.


Your Cooperative discovers instances of meter tampering across its system throughout each year. Those people responsible for these illegal acts are stealing from Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) and that means stealing from YOU! This illegal action leads to increased cost for you and the other members of MEC. Dollars not recovered from use due to energy theft become part of the Cooperative’s expenses and are, unfortunately, paid by those who are honest, upstanding members of the Cooperative.


With our advanced metering system we are able to find many cases of meter tampering and energy theft; however, we need your help! Not only is your Cooperative the victim of energy thieves, but we have also had materials and wire stolen from our system. We ask that you help keep a watchful eye on the substations, thousands of miles of wire, and 31,000+ meters as you pass by them every day. If you see anyone out of the ordinary suspiciously around our equipment or facilities, please report it immediately by calling our emergency number at 1-877-632-5688.


People who tamper with electric meters are stealing electricity, endangering the lives of themselves and others and are also costing YOU money. If you know or suspect someone is tampering with an electric meter, please report it to the Cooperative immediately. All information will be kept confidential, and the source will remain anonymous. Contacting us may save someone’s life and help prevent financial losses that all members have to pay.


Rest assured, we will take legal action against those who take advantage of the Cooperative; they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Thanks in advance for helping us keep an eye on your Cooperative property and preventing thieves from stealing from thousands of honest members.



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