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MEC Employees Commended for Working Safely,
 Impressive Safety Trends Are Noted


Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative’s (MEC) President and CEO John Lee recently presented a total of 104 Safety Award Certificates to employees in recognition of safety performance excellence for the year 2012. Meetings were held in each of the Cooperative’s three districts—Chase City, Gretna, and Emporia—to commend employees for recognizing and utilizing safe working procedures. According to OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines, MEC’s year-end figures show that 2012 was a great year from a safety perspective. At the employee meetings, Lee shared statistics of the Cooperative’s overall safety performance improvement over the past three years.  For loss time injuries and illnesses, MEC’s rate in 2010 was 3.5, decreased to 2.72 in 2011, and in 2012 there were no loss time injuries or illnesses.  The reportable vehicle accident rate showed even greater improvement.  In 2010 the rate was 8.17, decreased to 3.36 in 2011, and in 2012 there were no reportable vehicle accidents.


The Cooperative’s Number One priority, each and every day, is safety—ensuring that facilities and equipment provide a secure working environment for the employees and safe surroundings for members and the communities served by the Cooperative.


The safety program at Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative, which is completely governed by a committee of employees who are elected by their peers, encourages employees to hold themselves and each other accountable for safety, and to hold each other responsible for safe working practices. The committee’s role is to foster a safe, healthy and environmentally sound workplace and establish policies and procedures that best protect fellow employees, members, and our communities. It is a responsibility they take very seriously as they seek out solutions for safety concerns and do everything reasonable to create and maintain a culture of safety and accountability in the organization. MEC’s current Safety Committee members include David Holloway – Emporia District, Joe Hostetter – Chase City District, Brian Morris - Headquarters, Jamie Walden – Gretna District, and Brian Woods – Engineering.

“Our safety committee deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the continuing improvement we are seeing in our safety figures, and I want to congratulate and thank all our employees for working safely and for taking care of each other on the job,” states MEC President and CEO John Lee, adding, “Our committee, as well as our employees, recognize that safety is our top priority here and know that their effort is work worth doing…they are to be commended for instilling a strong culture of safety in our organization that permeates throughout everything we do.”

Lee continued by saying, “Ours is a very dangerous business in many ways--from the fact that working with electricity can have deadly consequences, to the hazards involved with driving vehicles a substantial number of miles on the highway each day. I am very proud that our employees have bought into our safety program and am pleased with the way the numbers are verifying their commitment to working safely. MEC does not gauge safety improvement, or excellence, solely on numbers, but more importantly on employees’ conscientiousness toward working safely and the strength of safety in our professional culture. We want everyone to go home from here every night; and, in order to do so, we must all be unconditionally cognizant of safety at all times, whether working in the office during regular hours or in a terrible storm in the middle of the night. Lastly, being a competitive bunch, we must continue to balance our desire to get our members’ lights back on first, with making certain that, under any and all circumstances, we put safety first; and that there are no excuses for doing otherwise.”

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