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TO:                                         Local Radio Stations                                        DATE:  July 2, 2012

FROM:                                  Brian Mosier 434-210-1264   

SUBJECT:                             PSA #5 Power Restoration



Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative crews have worked around the clock through three storms and extremely hot temperatures to restore power to their members.  Only a few outages remain from the more than 6,000 members who were initially out of power on Friday. 

It is still important that everyone report damage to power lines or poles by calling 1-877-632-5688.  Please remember, should you see power lines on the ground or hanging low, they may still be energized and very dangerous.  Do not go near them.

M.E.C. crews take great pride in getting the members back on, and they did an outstanding job of restoring power in tough conditions.  We want to recognize them and the crews that came from other locations for their incredible work following such a hard-hitting storm during some of the hottest temperatures on record.    During tough times such as this, it is always encouraging to see everyone pulling together to repair the destruction.

There continues to be hundreds of thousands of Virginians out of power from the incredible storms that have plagued our area, so the next step is to help them restore power.

We regret the difficulties caused by these extraordinary storms, and we especially want to thank our members for their understanding and patience.



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