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  Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative  
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Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative employees who recently reached milestones in their careers and were presented service awards. 


Administrative employees of Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative have been recognized
for reaching milestones in their commitment to MEC and its members.


Pictured are (from left)
President & CEO John Lee, Jr. for 5 years,
Executive Assistant Carolyn Glass for 15 years,
Vice President of Human Resources Leilani Todd for 5 years,
and Vice President of Engineering and Operations B. J. Seamans for 10 years.



 *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *


Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative employees at the Headquarters office in Chase City
have been recognized for their years of service to the member-owned organization:


Pictured are (from left)
Kris Newcomb, mechanic, for 5 years,
Debbie Blue Winn, member and public relations specialist, for 30 years,
Nancy Holbrook, executive secretary, for 20 years,
Kristine Martin, benefits administrator, for 5 years,

and Anthony Lenhart, lineman/serviceman, for 25 years.



*     *     *     *     *     *    *     *


Among the Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative employees who keep the lights
on for members in the Chase City District, three have reached milestones
in their commitment.


 Pictured are (from left)
Supervisor of Warehousing Cecil Robbins - 25 years,
Line Foreman Chris Brame - 20 years,
and Service Technician Mike Mills - 15 years.





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