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RATE- Various rate schedules are in place representing the cost of electric service provided to the members. Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative (MEC) rate schedules can be found on our website, www.meckelec.org.

KILOWATT HOUR (kWh)- A kilowatt hour is the typical way that electricity is measured. It is used as a hilling unit for energy delivered to members.

DISTRIBUTION SERVICE- The expense involved with delivering electricity from Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative's substations over MEC lines to you, our member, is shown under "Distribution Service" and is broken down into two categories: "Customer Delivery" and "Energy Delivery."

     CUSTOMER DELIVERY- This amount is a fixed monthly fee by rate schedule charged to each   
     and every energized electric service. This "access" charge covers the fixed cost of materials
     needed for the sole purpose of the delivery of electricity to your residence.

     ENERGY DELIVERY- The "Energy Delivery" charge is based on each member's monthly usage
    (kWh) and covers costs associated with maintaining our distribution system and sustaining 
    quality service. It includes maintaining all the right of way, utility poles, substations, and other
    operating expenses required to ensure reliability, efficient and timely outage restoration, and
    quality customer service.

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY SERVICE- These charges include all the costs that are involved with electricity being generated at a power station and delivered through transmission lines to Mecklenburg Electric's substations. It is broken down into "Energy Supply," "WPCA Supply," and "Generation Fuels" on your electric bill.

    ENERGY SUPPLY- The "Energy Supply" charge is based on monthly usage (kWh) and covers the
    cost of the construction and maintenance of generating facilities that provide wholesale power
    to our cooperative through our power supplier.

    WPCA SUPPLY- This is a rider which is a direct pass-through charge credit and is due to an
    adjustments in the wholesale power cost from our suppliers.

    ENERGY ADJUSTMENT- This represents an additional charge to you to collect energy costs
    that exceed MEC's power supplier's base kWh unit cost, or to credit you for energy costs that
    are less than MEC's power supplier's base kWh unit cost. This charge/credit will be affected
    primarily by changes in the cost of the fuels (coal, natural gas, uranium, and fuel oil) used to
    generate electricity purchased by MEC's power supplier. It is based on monthly usage (kWh),
    and these charges/credits along with dollars collected under the "Energy Supply" and "WPCA
    Supply" charges/credits are not retained by MEC but are paid to our power supplier for
    electricity you use. This charge/credit is in no way related to the gasoline and diesel fuel used
    in vehicles by MEC.

OTHER CHARGES- The remaining charges consist of various taxes levied and set by local and state governmental entities. These charges are passed on to these entities and are not retained by MEC. Security lighting, adjustments, late fees, capital credit refunds and rebates could also fall under this section if they apply.

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